Yo! ® A Dice Game for Millennials

Yo! ® is a dice game designed specifically for millennials. It’s quick to understand, offers multiple points of action, yet it’s super easy to play and deal. The game layout is player friendly, and creates game play ease by helping players know ‘when and where’ to bet. Yo! ® the dice game was designed to enable a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone – especially new players. Players will place and take their own wagers, giving them complete control over their action. The game design aids the dealer to focus on game protection, and dealer/guest interaction; resulting in better customer service.

The simplicity of Yo! ® eliminates the need for verbal communication between the dealer and players. The game removes all language barriers, or any social anxiety a player might have when joining a new game. Our game designers focused on creating a game that relies on today’s preferred communication method which is visual, not verbal. This makes Yo! ® perfect for millennials, new players or for anyone who speaks a foreign language.

Yo! ® the dice game is currently ‘patent pending’, protected by copyright and is a registered trademark.

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Why Yo! ® was created with millennials in mind.

by Dawn Takacs | Yo! ® - the interview